péntek, május 10

Soul Reaver 2

This the culmination of the year, also a great chance to showcase everything I learned.
A comic page about the intro of my all-time favourite video game Soul Reaver 2, I did the layout-pencils-inks-colors and lettering on this piece myself. Took a lot of experimenting, especially with the colors, and it turned out a lot better than I expected. It also is a great opportunity to showcase my whole process. So under the finished color piece I posted a compliation of four major stages. It shows that my pencils are usually pretty rough, I tighten them up with inks, and if possible, let the colors do their part of the heavy lifting.
DISCLAIMER: Of course I own no rights over the characters or the dialogue text, it is for school purposes only.

Az ev tanulmanyainak osszegzo munkaja ez a kepregenyoldal, amit a ceruzavazlatoktol a szineken at a feliratokig egyedul raktam ossze. Sok kiserletezesbe kerult a tonusozas kialakitasa Photoshopban. A tema orok kedvenc videojatekom, a Soul Reaver 2 introja.
A kep alatt lathato a teljes folyamat egy kepbe osszevagva, a ceruzarajztol a vegso feliratozott valtozatig.

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