csütörtök, december 19


The first 3 pages of some old Vertigo script for Robert E. Howard's Wolfshead.

Captain Thunderbolt // Teaser

I have been working as inker on a 3-page comic with writer-penciler Patrick Thompson. It is about an Australian robber who used to call himself Captain Thunderbolt (for real). You can soon read the whole story in an upcoming anthology TBA!

vasárnap, december 15

HARRY POTTER Trading Cards

A series of collectible trading cards. I chose Harry Potter for the project and had a lot of fun with it. I tried to deviate from the movie designs and incorporate my own vision of the world. I'd love to get the chance do a whole deck. (See my contact info on the right, Warner, please. :D)

szombat, december 14

ZOË // Interior page from issue 06

I did a page from issue 6, with Zoe fighting another one of her fellow assassin girls in Detective Wright's kitchen.
I am sharing both pencils and finished inks again.

ZOË i03 // Cover

 I reached back to my hybernated graphic novel ZOË for a cover project. I am still hoping to find a publisher eventually, so I picked issue 3. Anyone remember these posts?

Cimlap ZOË c. kepregenyem 3. szamahoz.

Sexy girl #2

csütörtök, december 12

Dungeon Keeper 2 / Spiral Staircase Fight

I am catching up on scanning and posting art, thanks to the semester and mammoth projects coming to an end.

This one was a spiral staircase assignment a few weeks ago. I picked the lead characters from the RTS video game Dungeon Keeper 2 from '98, the Horned Reaper ("Horny") and the Mistress. Yes, they were supposed to be ironic.

Ink on Bristol, 11x17"

szombat, december 7


I did some color rendering in PS over my submarine design.
I am shamefully proud of the name, it beats the Fantasticar.

csütörtök, november 28

Sexy girl #1

Pretty straightforward assignment, we had to draw a sexy girl in greytones. I went for a more casual, girl-next-door kind of look. A more elegant one is on the way, too.

Ink on Bristol, greytones added in Photoshop.

szerda, november 27

OCTURBINE / Vehicle Design

My first stab at designing vehicles. I ended up with a slightly steampunkesque submarine that looks like a squid.
Ink on Bristol, 11x17"

szombat, november 16

vasárnap, november 3

Monsters under the bed

This was a Halloween project, we had to pick a short horror story and illustrate it in one picture.
The story I picked is from the internet, probably from Reddit.
I begin tucking him into bed and he tells me, “Daddy check for monsters under my bed.” I look underneath for his amusement and see him, another him, under the bed, staring back at me quivering and whispering, “Daddy there’s somebody on my bed.”
Inkwash on illustration board, 11x11"

Illusztracio Halloween alkalmabol ketsoros horrormesehez, amit az internetrol szedtem. A sztori lenyege, hogy lefekvesnel a kisfiu megkeri apukajat, hogy nezze meg, vannak-e szornyek az agy alatt. Apuka lenez, es meg egyet talal a fiabol az agya alatt vacogva, aki azt suttogja: "Apa, van valaki az ágyamon..."

szombat, november 2

Iron Fist in K'un Lun

Practicing foreshortening and drawing cities. (Okay, I kind of cheated my way out of that with the ancient city, but at least it was fun.) Also, I am working on a different inking style that started with the Alice piece. I wish I had time to color this. Maybe I will find some.

So this is Danny Rand, the Immortal Iron Fist, defending the ancient mystic city of K'un Lun.

Ink on Bristol, 11x17"

péntek, november 1

Greeting cards

#1 The baby's here

We had a greeting card assignment, I digitally painted them.

Udvozlolapok, digitalisan festve.
Az elso a baba erkezeset jelenti be.
#2 I miss you (and your cooking)

This one is horizontal, and opens up for a second illustration.

A masodik kepeslap vizszintes elrendezesu, es igy nez ki kinyitva (alul).
Azt mondja, hogy "hiányzol (te és a föztöd)."
Szivkuldi Anyukamnak Amerikabol.

vasárnap, október 27

Alice - In The Red Queen's Castle

Fan art for the sequel of the video game American McGee's Alice.
Ink on Bristol 11x17”
Colored in Photoshop
It was intended to be a follow-up to the most popular drawing I did last year.
You can find that one here: ALICE

csütörtök, október 17

Havok & Madelyne

A pin-up about one of my favourite couples in comic history. Too bad it ended bad.

Special thanks to Brigid Allanson for corrections on the lady figure.

Ink on Bristol, 11x17"

And a big thanks for everyone who comes to visit my blog! You topped 25.000 pageviews by now!

Walk in the Woods

2-page Narrative assignment about two kid soldiers getting assassinated.
I had the option to pick anyone as the killer, so I used this chance to draw V (from Vfor Vendetta), and give the kids pulse rifles, because Aliens still rules. I also tried to experiment with the style, and it became something really unusual from me. Will keep polishing it.

vasárnap, október 6

Will Chalker (Painting)

Reproduction of a fashion shot of the British model Will Chalker.
(I am not happy with the colors of the scan.)
Acrylics on Gessobord, 8.5x11"

péntek, október 4

"The Big Whuddizit?!"

So, I did not pick this name, this was the title of the assignment, where two people had to react to something happening outside in 4 panels. I went a little crazy with the freedom I had, so yeah, gay marines and aliens. I warned you.

csütörtök, október 3

KOMPAN Playgrounds Promo Comic

Assignment: Create a 2-page promotional comic for any service or product.
I chose playground equipment manufacturer Kompan, because we use their toys all the time with my little sister.
Ink on Bristol 11x17"
Colored in Adobe Photoshop CS6.
Lettering done in Adobe Illustrator CS6.

kedd, október 1

kedd, szeptember 24

Human Torch & Spidey

We had to pick a character and show him get out of bed.
So this is the Human Torch, woken up by Spider-Man and going on patrol together. I wish there was more of that team-up, they used to be the best super-friends.

Pencils on Bristol 11x17"

hétfő, szeptember 23


First Narrative assignment of the year.
Two pages of a fight script. I chose Greeks vs Barbarians.
Second page layout was done by Andy Kubert, he spent an hour trying to come up with the most sophisticated thing for me. Yes, that means hard.
Anyway, finally we can ink our Narrative which lets me say goodbye to my rough rough rough pencils. Yay.

kedd, szeptember 17

Coastal Thailand, Lara

Finally back to inking.

This one is a Basic Drawing assignment, drawing a complex object without holding lines.
I chose the mushroom rock in the Andaman sea in Thailand.

Of course I'm not leaving out Lara Croft when I can afford. This place happened to be a playable level in Tomb Raider Underworld.

Daily Strips

I'm back! Summer hibernation is over, second year at The Kubert School started, which means that new drawings are going to roll in almost daily. Who's excited?

The first thing I'm posting is a Humor assignment, two daily strips with a twist on some known saying. The idea for the first one came from my classmate Patrick Thompson (check out his inking here!), the second one is all mine. Pencils and inks by me on both.

kedd, július 23

World Champion, Page 02 (Lettered)

Sooooo this has been in the making for a long time and has been the reason for me not posting stuff for so long.

Anyone remember this piece? This one, right here.
World Champion Team-Up

It was a character design, based on a script for a graphic novel, written by Robert Shepyer.
We started working on it in June with Josh Zingerman doing the pencils and me doing inks, colors, and on this page, letters.
This is our second page that is completely done. Once we get there, we want to put it on Kickstarter. Stay tuned!

péntek, július 19

"The Crow" - Team-up with Ms Aysegül Sinav

This was a piece for Basic Drawing by my classmate Aysegül Sinav.
Please check out her other drawings on her DeviantArt page!

I took this drawing to practice inking on it, and I am quite happy with the results. It is always a dilemma of what to keep and what to change up when I ink someone else's drawing and I took liberties with the rendering to make it suit my style a bit better.

CLICK ON IMAGE for higher resolution!

péntek, június 7


I collected a couple of unfinished pieces from my classmates at The Kubert School to practice inking and colouring over the summer, this is piece #1.

Wolverine (cover)
Pencils by Allen Watson (shrptooth)
Inks and colors by vargatomi

And this was our process, from pencils to finish.

csütörtök, május 23

Narrative Final :: X-MEN in the Danger Room

These are the first 4 (of 5) pencilled pages of a Marvel test script about the X-Men.
In the script they get locked up in the Danger Room by the villain Arcade, who puts them through all sorts of hell before he gets knocked out by a mysterious saviour. The scenery had to change every page, from the Savage Land to an alien planet, which left little room for epic giant panels, but I tried my best. Possibly I should do the fifth page so I can submit it to Marvel for a review.

A Marvel tesztforgatokonyveben leendo rajzolok szamara az X-Men nehany tagjat bezarja a hologramos edzoterembe egy Arisztid nevu gonosz, es a vezerloterembol valtogatja a lekuzdendo veszelyeket. A helyszinnek es ellensegeknek minden oldalon valtoznia kellett, a Barbarfold dinoszauruszaitol az orszemrobotokon at a foldonkivuliekig, ami megszoritotta a terjedelmet.

Spidey Kids vol.1

I colored two more of the cast, MJ and the Green Goblin.
I have drawn Gwen, Peter and Harry, too, probably will post them soon.

szombat, május 18

ZOË :: Animation

A couple seconds of my first (and possibly last) effort at longer hand-drawn animation.
I chose the fight scene from my graphic novel Zoë that I worked on last year as my subject.
This is as far as I got with it.

See some of the original illustrations here:

Az utobbi felev animacio-orainak termeke ez a par masodperc.
Tavalyi kepregenyem, Zoë egyik harcjelentetet valasztottam temanak.

kedd, május 14

Gotham City

Perspective study. Batman and Catwoman in Gotham City.
11x17", pencil on Blue Line comic board.
I chose the Batman Beyond costume, besause I like it a lot more than the regular one.
I'm pretty proud of the Catwoman inset.

Perspektiva tanulmany: Batman es Macskano Gotham Cityben.
Ceruzarajz A3 kepregenylapon.

hétfő, május 13

vasárnap, május 12