szerda, december 19

World Champion w/ ZING!

Now that was an interesting venture. Three of us worked on a single picture.
Pencils by Josh Zingerman
Inks by Patrick Daniel Thompson
Colors by Varga Tamás

kedd, december 18

Spider-Man vs. Hobgoblin, part II.

Continuing the chase scene (scroll down for the previous pages).

The end of the story (and the pumpkin bomb).

péntek, december 7

SYMMETRY / Poison Ivy and Batman & Robin

Inked, 10x16" on Bristol board. Colors coming next week.


An illustration of one of my own stories. Hopefully one day I will make a whole book or series of it.
Going to be inked by a classmate, Josh Zingerman.
10x15", pencils, on blue-line Bristol.

szerda, december 5

The Pirates of Dark Water / WRAP-AROUND COVER

Wrap-around cover about one of my favourite cartoons as a child.
This means that the right half of it would be the actual front cover of a magazine, and the left half would be the back of it.
I think this is my most colorful piece, ever.
Inks & pencils on Bristol comic book board, all colors & rendering in Photoshop.

kedd, december 4

Sandman in Ancient Greece

Two-point perspective study with 4+ figures on the grid for Basic Drawing.
I did not like the pencils so I inked over them, because this drawing deserved more.
Rulers drain me, so I tried to make it more fun by adding a character I like.