vasárnap, október 27

Alice - In The Red Queen's Castle

Fan art for the sequel of the video game American McGee's Alice.
Ink on Bristol 11x17”
Colored in Photoshop
It was intended to be a follow-up to the most popular drawing I did last year.
You can find that one here: ALICE

csütörtök, október 17

Havok & Madelyne

A pin-up about one of my favourite couples in comic history. Too bad it ended bad.

Special thanks to Brigid Allanson for corrections on the lady figure.

Ink on Bristol, 11x17"

And a big thanks for everyone who comes to visit my blog! You topped 25.000 pageviews by now!

Walk in the Woods

2-page Narrative assignment about two kid soldiers getting assassinated.
I had the option to pick anyone as the killer, so I used this chance to draw V (from Vfor Vendetta), and give the kids pulse rifles, because Aliens still rules. I also tried to experiment with the style, and it became something really unusual from me. Will keep polishing it.

vasárnap, október 6

Will Chalker (Painting)

Reproduction of a fashion shot of the British model Will Chalker.
(I am not happy with the colors of the scan.)
Acrylics on Gessobord, 8.5x11"

péntek, október 4

"The Big Whuddizit?!"

So, I did not pick this name, this was the title of the assignment, where two people had to react to something happening outside in 4 panels. I went a little crazy with the freedom I had, so yeah, gay marines and aliens. I warned you.

csütörtök, október 3

KOMPAN Playgrounds Promo Comic

Assignment: Create a 2-page promotional comic for any service or product.
I chose playground equipment manufacturer Kompan, because we use their toys all the time with my little sister.
Ink on Bristol 11x17"
Colored in Adobe Photoshop CS6.
Lettering done in Adobe Illustrator CS6.

kedd, október 1