csütörtök, február 27

Daredevil // Inks

I inked a page about Daredevil, as pencilled by Allen Watson "Shrptooth" - visit his Instagram for more awesomeness.
This 2-pager was written by Patrick Thompson, you can find his deviantArt here.
It is centered around an idea that Daredevil has this leathermask covering his eyes so he can pull off oll kinds of special effects to scare goons.
Ink on Bristol, 11 by 17"

szerda, február 26

Nights in Varanasi

This was an exciting project where we had to team up and have someone else do every stage of the process. The script for these two pages was written by Teresa Edeen, it is called "Nights in Varanasi" and is about vampires in India. I did pencils for both pages. I tried to do a design for the girl where her traditional clothing would resemble the vampire wings and ears. Then I asked Josh Zingerman to do inks for it - check out his deviantArt profile for his art!
I might do colors and lettering for it if I have time.

Csapatmunka egy ketoldalas torteneten.
Irta: Teresa Edeen.
Ceruzarajz: Varga Tamas (en)
Tus: Josh Zingerman


csütörtök, február 13

ZOE i04 Cover

A painted cover for issue 4 of my creator-owned graphic novel ZOE.
Some might remember, I posted images from it earlier.

Acrylics on canvasbord, 11 by 14"

F4 // JACK KIRBY Redux

Some heresy might be involved here. We had to pick a page by classic comic book artist Jack Kirby and redraw it in our style. So I picked a page from Fantastic Four (to the right), because I love drawing the Human Torch, and tried to tell the story my way (below).
The last panel is not inked because it will be finished by my teacher Mike Barreiro as an inking demo.
Ink on Bristol, 11 by 17"

Egy klasszikus kepregenyoldal ujrameselese a sajat stilusomban. Az eredeti jobbra lathato, a Fantasztikus Negyes a legendas Jack Kirby tollabol. Alul az en valtozatom.

péntek, február 7


Gouache painting, 11x17"
This is a fanmade (me-made) poster design for one of the movies I am looking forward to seeing the most in 2014. I went with the classic Disney cartoon look.

Moziplakat a hamarosan bemutatasra kerulo Demona c. Disney-filmhez. A klasszikus Csipkerozsika rajzfilm latvanyat vettem alapul. A3 meretben festve gouache festekkel.

csütörtök, február 6


Finally wrapped up the first Narrative assignment of the year. We got two pages of the old Batman versus Predator script, full of cityscapes in rain and groups of policepeople of rooftops...
Ink on Bristol, 11x17"