vasárnap, március 31

Little Silver Star (Digital Inks)

So these are my first attempts to digitally draw illustrations in Photoshop, not perfect yet but I see something in the distance.

These are for a fake-Indian tale about a girl who tries to be the champion of her tribe.

péntek, március 22

Perspective of Persia

This one was a 2-point perspective assignment with at least 4 figures on different planes and a staircase.
I took a piece of Prince of Persia concept art as reference.

kedd, március 5

Sigourney Weaver / AGING POSTR

A poster about actress Sigourney Weaver at 8 ages.
I guess she'll never see this but this is my love letter to her, for all the times she raised that flamethrower.

vasárnap, március 3

Inking, part II.

Different textures with different tools.
I painted the rex with a brush, used pen nibs on the cow, markers on the mountains and brush & nib on the tree.

péntek, március 1

Snow White bites the Poisoned Apple

This is a shirt design I made, and I'm proud to be an iHater (ironically, I'm having to work on one, which doesn't help).