csütörtök, december 19


The first 3 pages of some old Vertigo script for Robert E. Howard's Wolfshead.

Captain Thunderbolt // Teaser

I have been working as inker on a 3-page comic with writer-penciler Patrick Thompson. It is about an Australian robber who used to call himself Captain Thunderbolt (for real). You can soon read the whole story in an upcoming anthology TBA!

vasárnap, december 15

HARRY POTTER Trading Cards

A series of collectible trading cards. I chose Harry Potter for the project and had a lot of fun with it. I tried to deviate from the movie designs and incorporate my own vision of the world. I'd love to get the chance do a whole deck. (See my contact info on the right, Warner, please. :D)

szombat, december 14

ZOË // Interior page from issue 06

I did a page from issue 6, with Zoe fighting another one of her fellow assassin girls in Detective Wright's kitchen.
I am sharing both pencils and finished inks again.

ZOË i03 // Cover

 I reached back to my hybernated graphic novel ZOË for a cover project. I am still hoping to find a publisher eventually, so I picked issue 3. Anyone remember these posts?

Cimlap ZOË c. kepregenyem 3. szamahoz.

Sexy girl #2

csütörtök, december 12

Dungeon Keeper 2 / Spiral Staircase Fight

I am catching up on scanning and posting art, thanks to the semester and mammoth projects coming to an end.

This one was a spiral staircase assignment a few weeks ago. I picked the lead characters from the RTS video game Dungeon Keeper 2 from '98, the Horned Reaper ("Horny") and the Mistress. Yes, they were supposed to be ironic.

Ink on Bristol, 11x17"

szombat, december 7


I did some color rendering in PS over my submarine design.
I am shamefully proud of the name, it beats the Fantasticar.