csütörtök, november 20

ZOE #2 out now!

My comic ZOE #2 is NOW available on comiXology Submit! Be sure to check it out!

I posted preview pages on my tumblr, I mostly stopped updating this blog so please follow my work there:

péntek, június 20

Temple Run 2

I forgot about this piece for the last month or so as it was one of those last jobs around the end of school. Anyway, this one was just a do-a-one-pager-for-something kind of project, so I picked one of my favourite Android games, Temple Run 2. I will probably do another page or maybe a spread to follow this one up.
Ink on Bristol, 11" x 17"

péntek, május 16

Nights in Varanasi // Colors

I penciled this little two-pager a couple months back and I had the opportunity to color it now. I had a lot of fun with it (I mean, come on, vampires in India!), so hopefully the creator, Teresa Edeen will keep writing the story.
This is the earlier post with Josh Zingerman's inks over my pencils.

szerda, május 7

Spider-Man & The Human Torch

Fun assignment for Humor class: draw yourself with a celebrity! So this is me as Spider-Man hanging out with Chris Evans as The Human Torch.
I had a lot of fun painting this, and I put special effort into the city in the background. I started painting it with gouache, which is the nastiest kind of paint ever invented, I used it for the figures, and then forgot about it and used watercolor on the background.
Original size: 10x15"

hétfő, április 28

Fashion Illustration

The title says it all, assignment was to do an illustration for a fashion ad.
I went out of my way to make it look realistic, I used reference shots of models Will Chalker and Nate Gill and frankensteined them with a looot more shots to get the picture I need because I didn't want to just copy a photo.
I had a lot of fun with the watercolors, I hope to do more painting whenever I can.
Watercolor on Illustration Board, 11" by 17"

Akvarel illusztráció divathirdetéshez.

vasárnap, április 27

CRUSH Beer Label

My first graphic design effort in a while.
Packaging design for a beer. I chose the Crush brand and went with the crushed beer can effect.
Drawn in Adobe Illustrator.

szerda, április 16

The PatWoman

Aw, I am almost sad I am done with this painting because it brought me so much joy...
So this is one of my classmates, dressed as Catwoman last Halloween, and I cannot think of a single funnier thing right now, so please enjoy with me.
Acrylics on Canvasbord, 9x12"

kedd, április 8

A+B // The Wedding Comic

In December I got a commission from a couple to do their wedding invitation. They wanted it to be a 2 page comic about how they met, with lots of injokes. The poem and the script was written by Chris Antzoulis.

The Book of AARON // Minicomic

This project is a minicomic, its actual size is 5"x4", and the scene is from a novel I started writing waaaaay back. It is one of my favourite scenes from the book, though it is out of context here. But I always imagined I would make it into a very indie-looking comic one day and it was a nice opportunity to experiment with a radically different look and approach.

szombat, április 5

Guardians // COPIC Pin-Up

I have been wanting to draw Nova and Angela for a while, and since they are both in Guardians of the Galaxy now I added Rocket Raccoon just for fun.
Here I was experimenting with doing pinups the Adam Hughes way.
I post 3 main phases of the process:
1. Lineart drawn with brush and ink on Bristol board.
2. Tones done with warm and cool gray Copic markers over the inks.
3. Colors applied digitally over tones on Photoshop.

Angela es Nova A Galaxis Orzoi kepregenybol.
A tussal-ecsettel kihuzott rajzot szurke tonusokkal arnyaltam filctollakkal, a szinek pedig digitalisan adtam hozza.

vasárnap, március 30


We had a project where we had to pick 2 pages of an existing comic with horrid storytelling, so I picked a fight scene from the first volume of Artifacts by Top Cow, where this massive fight scene was for some reason told in closeups of people yelling… So I decided to show the demons, the fight and the amusement park it took place in.

Inks on two 11 by 17” Bristol boards.

Agent Venom vs Jack O'Lantern

watercolor on illustration bord, 11 by 11"