csütörtök, január 31

20.000+ PAGEVIEWS!

Hey everyone, thanks for the last 4 years!In that time I got 20 000 clicks on my blog, and I'm awfully grateful for that!
Keep coming!

To celebrate that I will share something that I was not going to, it is J. Scott Campbell's pencils for an Amazing Spider-Man cover that I rendered in Photoshop!

(Flats/color choices by my classmate, Lawrence Shung.)
(Original cover was colored to look like sunset.)

szerda, január 30

Snow Storm

Abstract inked drawing with one figural part.
I wish I could draw everything like this.

Swamp-Thing 144 p.01-03

Narrative Art assignment, the first 3 pages of Swamp-Thing issue 144, tight pencils.
Yes, it is a midget magician attacking kids with bugs in a church.

kedd, január 15

Iceman and Nightcrawler

Colors done in Photoshop
Two X-Men in an illustration using analogous colors.
4x11" inks on Bristol

csütörtök, január 3

Kéri Tibor - Creatures & Animals Portfolio II.

I made a catalog for my sculptor friend Kéri Tibor about his work from 2012.
I designed the booklet and made most of the photos (except for the Rexes, see full credits below).
More photos about the creative process behind the sculptures on his blog:

His previous catalog available here.