kedd, szeptember 24

Human Torch & Spidey

We had to pick a character and show him get out of bed.
So this is the Human Torch, woken up by Spider-Man and going on patrol together. I wish there was more of that team-up, they used to be the best super-friends.

Pencils on Bristol 11x17"

hétfő, szeptember 23


First Narrative assignment of the year.
Two pages of a fight script. I chose Greeks vs Barbarians.
Second page layout was done by Andy Kubert, he spent an hour trying to come up with the most sophisticated thing for me. Yes, that means hard.
Anyway, finally we can ink our Narrative which lets me say goodbye to my rough rough rough pencils. Yay.

kedd, szeptember 17

Coastal Thailand, Lara

Finally back to inking.

This one is a Basic Drawing assignment, drawing a complex object without holding lines.
I chose the mushroom rock in the Andaman sea in Thailand.

Of course I'm not leaving out Lara Croft when I can afford. This place happened to be a playable level in Tomb Raider Underworld.

Daily Strips

I'm back! Summer hibernation is over, second year at The Kubert School started, which means that new drawings are going to roll in almost daily. Who's excited?

The first thing I'm posting is a Humor assignment, two daily strips with a twist on some known saying. The idea for the first one came from my classmate Patrick Thompson (check out his inking here!), the second one is all mine. Pencils and inks by me on both.