kedd, április 30


Rendering excercise, with hatching and ink only.
Archangel from X-Men, with his two outfits from before and after Apocalypse.

vasárnap, április 28

Spidey Kid

Last year I did a series of character designs for Disney's Spidey Kids idea.
I liked them so I'm starting to ink and color them one by one. Expect a new one whenever I have the time.
This is Spider-Man as a kid. I was experimenting with different brushes, and am quite content with the results.

szombat, április 27

Soul Reaver :: Cover, color version

Finished color version of the cover for Soul Reaver. All colors done in Photoshop. Haven't done it in a while, tried to experiment with brushes.
See inked version here:

péntek, április 26

kedd, április 16

Colossus VS Maleficent

Yeah, that doesn't make much sense, but I had to practice drawing reflective surfaces, so I picked a hero in shiny armour to fight a dragon (that's also shiny metallic).

szerda, április 10

Soul Reaver 2 (inside page, inks)

Wow, been keeping really busy and this one's from last week. Going to be coloured, in the and I'm planning to put together a post about my process, from pencils to the finished piece.

If you don't know it, this is about the intro of my favourite video game, Soul Reaver 2, watch it here and prepare for epic epicness.

kedd, április 9

vasárnap, április 7


I decided to colour my illustrations in Photoshop as part of this stylistic experimenting I'm in, and I have to say I'm pretty proud of them.
This is a not-so-feministic tale about an Indian (native American) girl, who tries to be the champion of her tribe, only to meet contempt from the men and eventually death at the fangs of a tiger she tries to save during her trials... So there was nothing really upbeat about this and I tried my best to make it look like something remotely fun. I wanted to arrange the spot illustrations around the text but i didn't have it in a digital form. It was intended to go to the blanks as visible in some of the images.

szerda, április 3

Soul Reaver cover (inks)

This is going to be followed by an interior page, both will be inked and coloured.
This is Raziel, protagonist of the video game series Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.