kedd, január 28


While I don't have my own artbook yet, I might someday, so we had an assignment to do a cover for one. For once I could do whatever I wanted so I used this piece to have fun and not worry about style or execution.

8x14" Ink on Bristol
Colors in Photoshop.
Font: Libby by Matthew Welch

Boritoterv sajat rajzokat tartalmazo albumhoz.

csütörtök, január 16


Our final assignment for Humor Class last semester was to create a poster for a fake tv show that has a classmate as its focal character. I chose Caroline Nolasco, who is a big Top Cow fan and turned her into a medieval demon hunter.
Pencils on Bristol, 11x17"
Colors in Photoshop.
This is the first time I colored over pencils that weren't inked.

Karikatura orara egy kitalalt tv musor reklamposzteret kellett elkeszitenunk egyik osztalytarsunk foszereplesevel.

csütörtök, január 2


This was a painting I did for my Mom. She asked me to draw her angels for Christmas. This was the first time I tried painting on a stretched canvas with acrylics.
The picture was referenced from photographer Heather Landiss's underwater photo series The Abyss of the Disheartened.

Ezt a képet Anyukámnak festettem, aki azt kérte, rajzoljak neki angyalokat karácsonyra. Az első festményem feszített vászonra akrilfestékkel. A képet Heather Landiss vízalatti fotói alapján festettem.