vasárnap, március 30


We had a project where we had to pick 2 pages of an existing comic with horrid storytelling, so I picked a fight scene from the first volume of Artifacts by Top Cow, where this massive fight scene was for some reason told in closeups of people yelling… So I decided to show the demons, the fight and the amusement park it took place in.

Inks on two 11 by 17” Bristol boards.

Agent Venom vs Jack O'Lantern

watercolor on illustration bord, 11 by 11"

szerda, március 12

Kill Bill

A little fun for Humor class. We had to draw 3 famous women, so I went with the cast of (one of my) my all-time favorite films Kill Bill.

kedd, március 4

Video GAME Cover // Prince of Persia WARRIOR Within

Video game cover for one of my all-time favourites, Prince of Persia Warrior Within. Also my first attempt at painting something entirely digitally.

Boritoterv videojatekhoz. Elso probalkozasom a digitalis festessel.

hétfő, március 3

Background #03 :: NAMOR's Throne Room

This is the last one, it also includes the most redesigns on my part. So Atlantis seems to be a place that is hard to find reference for in comics, no one seems to want to draw it. So my idea was that it would be a place built of concrete, because that's what's used for underwater construction  (I didn't want to go with the ancient stone look). I figured it would be pretty simple, because honestly, what kind of technology would you have underwater.

vasárnap, március 2

Background #02 :: BATCAVE

These backgrounds have been brewing for a while, hopefully the work put into them shows.
This one is about Batman in his Batcave with his Batcomputer and Batmobile and Batalfred and Batnightwing and Batrobin. I was happy to include the T-Rex robot and my favorite, now retconned DC character, Oracle, I think she was the biggest loss of the New 52 reboot.
Once again, inks on Bristol, colors in Photoshop.

Background #01 :: ARKHAM Hallway

The first of three background projects. I picked the moment from Arkham Asylum the game, when Poison Ivy takes over the mansion.
Ink on Bristol, colored in Photoshop.

Az Arkham Elmegyogyintezet folyosoja, miutan Meregcsok atvette az uralmat.