péntek, május 16

Nights in Varanasi // Colors

I penciled this little two-pager a couple months back and I had the opportunity to color it now. I had a lot of fun with it (I mean, come on, vampires in India!), so hopefully the creator, Teresa Edeen will keep writing the story.
This is the earlier post with Josh Zingerman's inks over my pencils.

szerda, május 7

Spider-Man & The Human Torch

Fun assignment for Humor class: draw yourself with a celebrity! So this is me as Spider-Man hanging out with Chris Evans as The Human Torch.
I had a lot of fun painting this, and I put special effort into the city in the background. I started painting it with gouache, which is the nastiest kind of paint ever invented, I used it for the figures, and then forgot about it and used watercolor on the background.
Original size: 10x15"