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Narrative Final :: X-MEN in the Danger Room

These are the first 4 (of 5) pencilled pages of a Marvel test script about the X-Men.
In the script they get locked up in the Danger Room by the villain Arcade, who puts them through all sorts of hell before he gets knocked out by a mysterious saviour. The scenery had to change every page, from the Savage Land to an alien planet, which left little room for epic giant panels, but I tried my best. Possibly I should do the fifth page so I can submit it to Marvel for a review.

A Marvel tesztforgatokonyveben leendo rajzolok szamara az X-Men nehany tagjat bezarja a hologramos edzoterembe egy Arisztid nevu gonosz, es a vezerloterembol valtogatja a lekuzdendo veszelyeket. A helyszinnek es ellensegeknek minden oldalon valtoznia kellett, a Barbarfold dinoszauruszaitol az orszemrobotokon at a foldonkivuliekig, ami megszoritotta a terjedelmet.

Spidey Kids vol.1

I colored two more of the cast, MJ and the Green Goblin.
I have drawn Gwen, Peter and Harry, too, probably will post them soon.

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ZOË :: Animation

A couple seconds of my first (and possibly last) effort at longer hand-drawn animation.
I chose the fight scene from my graphic novel Zoë that I worked on last year as my subject.
This is as far as I got with it.

See some of the original illustrations here:

Az utobbi felev animacio-orainak termeke ez a par masodperc.
Tavalyi kepregenyem, Zoë egyik harcjelentetet valasztottam temanak.

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Gotham City

Perspective study. Batman and Catwoman in Gotham City.
11x17", pencil on Blue Line comic board.
I chose the Batman Beyond costume, besause I like it a lot more than the regular one.
I'm pretty proud of the Catwoman inset.

Perspektiva tanulmany: Batman es Macskano Gotham Cityben.
Ceruzarajz A3 kepregenylapon.

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Soul Reaver 2

This the culmination of the year, also a great chance to showcase everything I learned.
A comic page about the intro of my all-time favourite video game Soul Reaver 2, I did the layout-pencils-inks-colors and lettering on this piece myself. Took a lot of experimenting, especially with the colors, and it turned out a lot better than I expected. It also is a great opportunity to showcase my whole process. So under the finished color piece I posted a compliation of four major stages. It shows that my pencils are usually pretty rough, I tighten them up with inks, and if possible, let the colors do their part of the heavy lifting.
DISCLAIMER: Of course I own no rights over the characters or the dialogue text, it is for school purposes only.

Az ev tanulmanyainak osszegzo munkaja ez a kepregenyoldal, amit a ceruzavazlatoktol a szineken at a feliratokig egyedul raktam ossze. Sok kiserletezesbe kerult a tonusozas kialakitasa Photoshopban. A tema orok kedvenc videojatekom, a Soul Reaver 2 introja.
A kep alatt lathato a teljes folyamat egy kepbe osszevagva, a ceruzarajztol a vegso feliratozott valtozatig.

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Humor & Caricature Final Project: kid version of the characters from the video game Prince of Persia from 2008.
Drawn in Illustrator, colored in Photoshop.
There is another one coming up, waiting for color rendering. Stay tuned!

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InstagramEmlitesre meltonak talalom tovabba, hogy elkezdtem vazlatokat, felkesz dolgokrol pillanatkepeket feltoltogetni Instagramra izelitonek, akit erdekel kovethet itt:

It may be worth mentioning that I started uploading work-in-progress snapshots of sketches and drawings on Instagram, please follow me here for previews of upcoming art:

Archangel v2

Ugyanaz a szereplo mas stilusban, ez Arkangyal megint az X-Menbol, most karikaturakent.

Same character in a different approach: Archangel (from X-Men) in humor style.